Create Value. Make Money.

Every time you write emails to potential clients, put words up on your website or sell yourself in sales presentations, you may be doing more harm than good. That is especially true if you are not positioning your value in your marketing and sales messages.

I’ve seen it time and time again. Entrepreneurs and business people, […]

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Sales Presentations That Sell

How many times has this happened to you?

You spend time searching for a new, potential client. You call them and set up a meeting so you can present your product/service. Then, on the day of the presentation, you give what you think is an amazing, face-to-face sales presentation.

And just when you thought you had a […]

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Don’t Speak. Entertain.

I had the great opportunity to be invited to deliver a keynote at a Toastmasters Open House event recently.

After my speech, I received excellent responses from many of the attendees. However, one attendee’s response caught me off guard. They said that I didn’t do a “normal” speech like other Toastmasters’.

My first thought was “What is […]

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Voice Mail: Turn your message into money

Are you tired of leaving voice mails for potential clients and no one responds? You know how it goes. You leave a voice mail with your name, company, number and why your product or service would be next greatest thing for this prospect.

And then you ask them to call you back. But hardly anyone calls. Chances are these […]

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Does your elevator pitch, pitch yourself?

Say your elevator pitch to yourself right now. Do you talk about yourself or your product or service? Because if that’s what you’re talking about, then it’s time to re-think your pitch. It’s not working. And it’s never going to work.

Do you think that all the people you meet each day and at networking meetings […]

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Email Works Best When You Use The Best Words

If you’re like most business professionals and entrepreneurs, you use email to try and find new clients. You spend a great amount of time crafting a beautiful email talking about yourself or your great product or service. Then, you hit ‘Send’ and off your email goes to a list of potential clients.

What happens next is […]

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How to Get Clients to Buy From You

How many potential clients are you turning off or losing each day? Think of it. Every day you deliver marketing and sales messages to potential clients through various ways such as your website, emails, social media, voice mails and sales presentations.

Sending your message is one thing. How it is received however, is quite another thing. […]

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Value Proposition delivers more leads, more sales.

Do you ever wonder why some people are more successful in business than you? Why they generate more leads and have more sales?

Is it because they are smarter than you? Do they work harder? Are they better looking? Wait a minute! What am I saying? Who could be better looking than you!In most cases, the […]

Think BIG. Win BIG.

If you’re like most people, you think like most people. Perhaps that’s why you remain the same as most people, working the same ol’ hours and making the same ol’ money. All because you’re doing the same ol’ things and hoping something will change. It’s not going to happen.

Albert Einstein once said, “Insanity is doing […]

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How to get clients to buy into what you are selling…

How many potential clients are you turning off or losing each day? Think of it. Every day you deliver marketing and sales messages to clients and potential clients through your website, email, social media, voice mail, presentations, advertising, signage, brochures and marketing sheets (to name a few or nine!).

Sending your message is one thing. How […]

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