Test Your Message

$69.00 Plus applicable taxes

Whether you’re developing a new message, launching a new product, or simply not getting the results from your regular sales and marketing messages,  Test Your Message can help you improve your success.  See the full product description below…



Tired of sending out emails or leaving voice mails for potential clients and getting no response? Or doing a sales presentation and you fail to get the business?

Now you can enjoy an expert review of your marketing materials* (emails, web pages, voice mails, sales presentation etc.) before you send them out, to help ensure you’re sending the right message, generating more leads and attracting new business.

Our marketing and copywriting experts (professionals with years of experience!) will review your submitted marketing and sales messages and provide you with expert suggestions on how to improve your success. It’s like having your own professional marketing agency at your fingertips!

*** Important Notice ***
Test Your Message is a service that will review one message per purchase ($69) and is limited to 200 words in any message (single email, website page, elevator pitch, landing page, client voice mail, sales presentations etc.).  If you wish to review additional messages, please purchase an additional Test Your Message service.


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