I have never seen a presenter who can capture, engage and mesmerise an audience like Brett!

Give Your People The WOW They Need. Delight Your Audience.
Engage Your Employees…

Be inspired as award-winning speaker, J. Brett Abbey unleashes his humour and over 25 years of marketing and messaging expertise in several highly-engaging and thought-provoking presentations designed to WOW your audience and give your people the tools they need for success. Schedule Brett to speak to your audience or train your employees with any of the following exceptional and inspiring presentations….

  • Discover How to Get People to Buy Into What You are Selling!
    (Whether it’s a product, a service, an idea or even yourself!)
    Are you tired of sending emails and leaving voice mails and getting no response? Or failing to get the business with your sales presentation? In this enlightening and revealing presentation, you’ll discover how to send the right message to the right person the right way – so business will actually come to you!
  • Present Like a Master
    Everything you do is a presentation. Whether you are selling potential clients on yourself, your product or service or simply moving your audience to buy into your message, “what you say and how you say it” will determine what you achieve. In this engaging, informative presentation, you’ll learn the 3 keys to creating a powerful, persuasive presentation, how to present effectively and more importantly, how to sell rather than tell.
  • Be Different. Stand Out. Get Noticed.
    If you can’t generate interest in your sales and marketing messages, then your conversation is over. Because being safe and part of the crowd is the quickest way to obscurity. In this attention-getting, presentation, you’ll learn how to Be Different, Stand Out and Get Noticed, so you can attract new business, increase your sales, or get a new job. This is your chance to put yourself on the road to success!

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Where Does Brett speak?
All across North America, successful meetings, associations, corporate sales managers and trainers have hired Brett to speak to tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and professionals at public events and companies as diverse as the ones below. Click on the right or left arrows to see more…