See how Donna, an ambitious real estate agent spent
$69 to triple her leads and generate new listings.

Like most real estate agents, Donna found that generating a continuing number of leads each month was difficult. She tried the old “tried and true” methods (cold calling, knocking on doors, sending out a postcard etc.), but little did she know, that was her biggest problem.

Donna Success Story

Donna was doing the same thing that most agents do. She would place a nice photo of herself on a postcard with a message like “Call Me for your FREE home evaluation” and send it out to various neighbourhoods she wanted to work in. Then she would wait for the phone to ring.

The sad fact is not many calls ever came. Did people not like her photo or her message?
Donna was stumped. She had spent a lot of money for the postcards.
She wanted to know why she’s not getting many responses. [separator top=”10″]Donna turned to the Message Masters™ Test Your Message service for help.

Donna thought that $69 was a small price to pay to find out why her expensive marketing postcard wasn’t working. So she purchased the MessageMasters™ Test Your Message service. Here are excerpts from Donna’s MessageMasters™ review…

Donna … great picture of you by the way! Unfortunately, your picture on the postcard does little to help. That’s because, no one cares about your picture (unless it’s your mom!). Do you really think that people are going to call you because you look great?

Basically, your postcard looks the same as every other real estate postcard or advertising piece (billboard, bench ad etc.,) that we see out there in the marketplace. What we don’t understand is why do real estate agents spend their time and hard-earned money to make themselves look the same as every other agent out there? Your efforts should concentrate on making yourself stand out, be different and get noticed.

The first rule of messaging is your message is only and always about your message recipient(s). It’s not about you. So forget, trying to show who you are, what you do and the fact that you are offering a free home evaluation. Everyone does that! Concentrate on aligning your message with your message recipient’s needs, wishes or wants. Talk about what’s important to the home owner. Maybe you can create a “teaser” postcard that says something like…[separator top=”10″]

“ Do you know how much money you’re sitting in right now? ”

Get them thinking. Then, once you’ve got their attention, place a link to a page on your website where people can get the rest of your message. Here you can talk to them about how much money their house is worth, or help them imagine what they would do with all the extra cash or equity.

Well, Donna took us up on our idea and changed her postcards. She sent out her “teaser” version and more than tripled her leads and landed 3 new listings – generating thousands of dollars in new revenue. And she did it all by investing only $69 in the Message Masters™ Test Your Message service.

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