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John was like any other aspiring entrepreneur. He wanted his business to excel and to generate more income. He felt he deserved more success because he was good at what he does.  However, being good at what you do, doesn’t always create more success. You also need to be good at “selling” what you do. And that starts with the right message.

Wedding CoupleA professional photographer for many years, John specialized in wedding photography, and would often be invited to “pitch” engaged couples who were planning their weddings. Most of these couples would meet with 3 photographers and then hire the one they liked the best. More often than not, John wouldn’t get the job. If fact, he was only getting 1 or 2 sales out of every 10 presentations he did.
He couldn’t understand why? Did they not like him? His message to the couples was simple enough.
It went something like this …

[separator top=”5″]“Hi. My name is John and I’m a professional photographer with over 15 years of experience. I specialize in weddings, but also do corporate and portrait work as well. But, my real passion is weddings. I’ve done a number of weddings in the past, and I’ve done an excellent job. And I will do an excellent job at your wedding – Guaranteed! So, please have a look at my portfolio and let me know what you think…”

[separator top=”5″]John turned to the Message Masters™ Test Your Message service for help.

John thought that $69 was a small price to pay to help him find out why his message wasn’t working, and what he should do to make it better. Here are a few excerpts from John’s Test Your Message review …

John … First of all, the message you deliver in your sales presentation is OK, and probably the same as any other photographer that comes in to meet the engaged couple. But, OK isn’t good enough. The problem is that you don’t want to be the same as every other photographer. Or why would someone choose you? You need to stand out, be different and get noticed.

Secondly, the first rule of messaging is your message is only and always about your message recipient(s). It’s not about you. So when you say things like, I specialize in weddings, or I love photography, my passion is weddings etc., no one cares (well, except for your mom!). People only care about what you can do for them.

Thirdly, your message should align itself with your message recipient’s needs, wishes or wants. And what do you think they want from wedding pictures? Memories perhaps? Put that into your message and you’ll increase your chances of success considerably. Maybe you say something like this …

“Hi! My name is John and I’m not your average wedding photographer. Because any ol’ photographer can take pictures,
but what you need for your special day, are memories. Memories that will last you a lifetime…

By positioning yourself as different than ordinary photographers and giving your prospective clients what they want (memories), you become the logical choice to hire. John really liked the idea and asked us to help him with his new message. So he purchased the Write Your Message service. And now John lands 8 out of 10 presentations and has increased his revenue by over $60,000.

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