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How much are the words or messages on your website worth? For Carl, a budding entrepreneur and painting contractor, he discovered that by changing some words on his website he could generate new leads, land new clients and practically double his sales. It was the easiest $69 dollars he ever spent.

Painter LadderCarl was a successful painter who painted homes and offices for a living. Now, the funny thing about Carl was he had this great little website for his company. At first glance it was a beautiful site; much like your website. It had great photos of nicely painted homes and rooms, a nice photo of Carl on the front page and lots of talk about Carl’s experience and what he does.
Carl’s website attracted visitors too! In fact, when you look at his web site statistics, it showed that approximately 100 local people visited his website each month – curious about his painting company and services.

[separator top=”5″]I’m sure you would agree that’s pretty good! We all wish we could have 100 interested people visit our website each month. So, I asked Carl, “Of those 100 people who visit your website, how many clients do you get each month?” “Usually about one” replied Carl. “And that’s the good part. I don’t have to do anything. They look at my website, call me up and I get another painting job for doing nothing really!” continued Carl, flush with a big smile on his face.

Being the smart marketer, I then asked Carl, “Well, if you only get 1 new client out of approximately 100 people coming to your website each month, what happens to the other 99 interested people?” The look on Carl’s face at that moment said it all. He didn’t know.

[separator top=”5″]Carl turned to the Message Masters™ Test Your Message service for help.

Carl thought that $69 would be a small price to pay to find out why approximately 99 prospective clients are leaving his website each month. After Carl purchased the Test Your Message service, he started to find out. Here are a few excerpts from Carl’s review …

Carl … having a photo of you on the home page of your website does nothing for a potential customer. They don’t care what you look like. They only want to know what you can do for them. And you’re obviously not getting that message across because roughly 99 people who were interested in finding a painting contractor, are leaving your site each month and finding another contractor.

If you could change your message and talk about how your prospective client will feel walking into a new, refreshed room, or how they will be the envy of the neighbourhood with a brand new painted home, you’re going to grab their interest. Keep your message on how the prospective client will benefit.

You do that and more people will stay on your website (instead of leaving!) and want to know more.  Let’s say out of 99 people, 50 like your new message and decide to stay. Then, out of those 50 prospects, let’s say 25 call you up and want a quote. And then out of those 25, you retain 10 as customers.  If your average job is approximately $600, then having 10 new customers each month, represents $6,000 additional revenue each month, on top of what you make now!

Carl liked the idea and wanted to know how to write his message to attract more potential clients to stay on his website.
So he signed up for the Message Masters™ Write Your Message service and received a customized, professionally-written message(s) that he could put on his website. The rest is history.

Once his new message hit the website, Carl started to generate more leads, land new clients and within the year, increased his sales by over $72,000. Are you ready to increase your sales?

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