The last thing a prospective client wants to hear about is YOU.  And when I say last, I mean last.

In the beginning of a sales process, nobody wants to hear about you or your business. (Well, um, unless it’s your Mom!)

All prospective clients care about in the beginning, is what you can do for them.

They want to know how you can help them alleviate their pain (e.g. losing money, wasting time, problems they have etc.), or help them achieve rewards (e.g. earn more money, save time etc.)

Most experts agree that the message you give to prospective clients (whether you’re at a networking event, talking on the phone, or selling face to face) is an important one.

And how you structure your message will determine whether you succeed or not.

If you want to succeed in generating new leads and successfully selling new clients, you need to do 3 things in your marketing and sales messages…

1. Hook

The first thing you need to do is hook your potential client. Don’t start talking about you or your business. Your message needs to drive their curiosity so they will WANT to know more about you and your business. For example, a Mortgage Broker talking to prospects looking for a home, might say, “I show potential homeowners how 10 minutes could save them thousands on their mortgage.”
Do you think they will want to spend 10 minutes to know more? Of course, they would!

2. Capture
Once you hook your potential clients, it’s time to capture their interest. Your message here needs to talk about their needs, wishes and wants. You need to get them thinking about the benefit of your business, without talking about your business. If we follow the Mortgage Broker example above, the broker might say, “If you were to save an extra $10,000 a year, what would you do with the extra money?” When they start thinking about that, that’s when you’ve captured their interest.

3. Prove
Remember when I said the last thing a prospective client wants to hear about is YOU. Well, now’s the time to talk about you and your business. Because by now, they’re wondering if you are the person who can make it happen. You need to prove it. The Mortgage Broker for example, could now prove it by saying, “I’ve been helping hundreds of people save thousands on their mortgage, and use that money to take trips and enjoy life. And I do this by (explain how…).”

This process is not being ‘salesy’ or aggressive in your sales approach. It’s simply letting your prospective clients see (and enjoy) the benefits of what you do.

Remember, your business is not what you do. It’s the benefit of what you do.

Your initial message to prospective clients must be about them, not about you. If they like what you say initially, they will WANT to talk with you and learn more.

That’s why I always say, “The last thing a prospective client wants to hear about is YOU.”


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