If you’re trying to generate more leads and sales for your business, it’s important to deploy the right marketing and sales messages.

Deliver the wrong message and you’ll turn people off and lose out on sales. Present the right message, and new business will come your way.

So, what’s the right message you ask? To discover that, you first need to look at the wrong messages.

I tell clients all the time that in the beginning, the last thing a prospective client wants to hear about is your great products and services. And usually I get the same response…

“What’s that? Don’t tell people about my great product (or service)? But that’s what they need!”

That statement may be true, but until that thought enters your prospective client’s mind, you’re going to sound more like the (dare I say) overly aggressive insurance salesman who runs around at parties talking about insurance.

You know the type, the one who comes up to you and says something like, “Do you want your family or spouse to pick up the pieces if something happens to you?”

Seriously! Does that really interest you in life insurance? I’ll bet the only thing you’re interested in at that point is getting away from this person.

In fact, even today’s “relationship style” sellers who believe you should sell relationships, not products or services, can come across as greedy, money-hungry salespeople trying to befriend you for a chance to sell you.

Do you really believe that friendly voice on the phone that calls you during dinner and says, “Hello, I know that you care about your financial future as much as I do, and that’s why I want to help you…”

Probably not!

Times have changed my friend. In this “information at the click of a mouse” era, prospective clients don’t need salespeople contacting them and blasting them with product/service, features and benefits.

Nowadays, if a prospective client wants something, they can easily research the best solutions and find it for themselves.

Perhaps, that’s why today’s top salespeople realize that, if you want to sell more, you need to employ the “WAM” (What About Me?) method of sales.

Because in the beginning of any sales process, all your prospective client cares about is “What About Me?” (WAM). What can you do for me?

In this early stage, you don’t talk ABOUT your product or service. Instead, show your prospective client HOW they will feel using your product or service. Paint them a picture of what they will experience from using your product/service.

Remember, Freedom 55? It was one of the great success stories of financial services.

Why? Because they didn’t talk about how great they were or list all their financial service features and benefits. They simply let you imagine having freedom at the early age of 55. And who wouldn’t want that?

That would arouse anyone’s curiosity and make then want to know more! And it did!

Remember, your marketing and sales messages need to be designed to let your prospective clients feel, touch and experience the result of using your product.

You do that and good things will happen.


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