If you use email for any part of your business, listen up. The old rules of email marketing don’t apply like they used to. Today if you want success with your email program, you need to do things differently.

It’s something we talked about in our Blog, “Get More Clients with Email Hooks

Once upon a time it was easy to send out emails to potential clients and get them to respond. People were constantly looking for answers and solutions to their problems. And any emails they received were quickly gobbled up and devoured.

Not anymore. According to Digital Marketer, the average adult receives 147 emails a day. People are inundated with emails and offers to buy this and that. If fact, it’s been surmised that over 80% of marketing emails are not even opened.

And if your email isn’t opened, you have zero chance of making a connection, or even a sale.


Get potential clients to want to open your email

It’s no secret that a potential client will simply scan the massive amount of emails in their inbox to see what emails they “have to” or “want to” open and read.

A “have to” email is one from a spouse, parent or good friend. They have to open and read this one. On the other hand, a “want to” email is one that grabs a potential client’s attention and compels them to want to open this particular email.

That’s what you need to do. Get your potential clients to “want to” open your email. The more potential clients who open your email, the more chances you have of turning potential clients into actual clients.

The way to get your potential clients to “want to” open your email is to use an email hook. An email hook is an emotionally-driven, email subject line that taps into your prospects needs, wishes, and wants. A hook will capture your target market’s attention and entice them to “want to” open your email.


An Email Hook will help you 

Without a proper email “Hook” your email will undoubtedly fail to get opened and read, and probably get deleted.

Using an email hook helps increase your chance of success. As your potential clients consciously scan their over-crowded inbox, they are eventually hooked with an email subject line that reads (for example), “Did you see this…?”

Using an email hook like this in your Subject Line is very powerful. Psychologically speaking, it creates an immense desire in humans to want to know what this is. It’s what social psychologist Arie Kruglanski termed, “cognitive closure” and is defined as an individual’s desire for an answer. In essence, humans want to eliminate the distress of the unknown.

And to fulfill their need to know, your potential client will stop, click and open your email, to find out what “this” is. That’s why Email Hooks are so successful when planning your Email Subject Lines. And if you’re not using email hooks, then you’re missing out on potential business.


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