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Why go looking for new clients? Get new clients to come to you!
Take advantage of Message Masters™ powerful consulting programs
and put your business on the right track to success.

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Turn On Your Sales

See how to get more prospects to respond to your emails, return your calls, and want to
buy your product or service. Message Masters™ consulting programs help you get people to BUY into
what YOU are selling – whether it’s a product, a service, an idea, or even yourself.
Simply choose the consulting program below that fits your needs and take advantage of J. Brett Abbey’s
expertise and experience (25+ years) in Marketing and Communications to turn on your sales.

Your Message CheckUp

Find out why more people aren’t buying into what you are selling. In this expert 2-hour review of your marketing and sales messages, you’ll learn how to improve your messages to generate more leads and increase your sales!

Your Message Makeover

If your marketing and sales messages aren’t getting you more leads and sales, then you need to change them. In this 8-hour makeover, we’ll change your core messages to help you get more people to buy into what you are selling. And enjoy more success!

Your Message Mentor
Everything you need to run, build, and explode your business lies in this 6-month, Done-for-You, Mentoring program designed to give you everything you need to have a profitable 6-figure business. It’s like having your own marketing department at your fingertips!

Afraid to try a Consulting Program?
So were these people…

“Brett is no coach. He’s a consultant that changes your success. In a short 2-hour period, Brett showed me how to change my message. We increased our leads by over 30% – which more than paid for our consulting session. ”
J.R., Entrepreneur

“At first, I couldn’t justify the expense of hiring a consultant. I was afraid. But, after working with Brett, we had my best sales month ever. This guy really knows his stuff! I am now seriously thinking about signing up for his 6-month, program.
S.B., Small Business

About The Message Master

J. Brett Abbey is an award-winning speaker, author and marketing expert that helps you shake up
your business and generate serious leads and generous sales. A consummate professional, Brett has helped
large and small companies, enjoy multiple 6 and 7 figures in new business revenue simply by
showing them what to say in any business situation.
Read Brett’s full bio here… J. Brett Abbey