What’s Your Value?

Every time you write emails to potential clients, put words up on your website or sell yourself in sales presentations, you may be doing more harm than good. That is especially true if you are not positioning your value in your marketing and sales messages.

I’ve seen it time and time again. Entrepreneurs and business people, “blah, blah, blahing” on and on about their products and services and doing more to turn people off their business, than on.

Identifying your value, quantifying your value and selling your value are not options when you’re trying to sell your product, your service or yourself. These are essential elements to your success.

That’s because if you don’t do it, nobody else will. Do you seriously think a potential client is going to guess why your product or service is better? Or why they should do business with you over others? It’s not going to happen!

That’s why every email you write, every message you post, every networking introduction speech you give and every sales presentation you present, you must communicate your value proposition. In simple terms, your value proposition is the art of communicating to potential customers “why you should buy from me and not from my competition.”

To help you promote your value, differentiate yourself from your competitors, and ensure you are sending the right message to potential clients, here’s a few tips to keep in mind…

1.  You are not a commodity.

If you are a real estate agent, people tend to think all real estate agents are the same, essentially selling the same products or services. That also applies if you are an investment adviser, accountant or a business person selling similar products and services.

Don’t allow yourself to be grouped into the same pot as everyone else. Even if you sell the same products or services that others sell, you must differentiate yourself – because you are not all the same.

Think of how different companies provide service. Service can vary from one company to another. Some are excellent. Some are good. And some, well, let’s not even go there.

So make sure that you communicate your value every chance you get. Show people why you are different, why you are better and why they should buy from you above all others.

Simply list all the things that you would want if you were buying your own product or service. And then communicate those amazing things to your potential clients.

You do that and you’ll enjoy greater success. It’s not rocket science, you know. It’s simply the amazing power of words and messages.

2.  Talk value.

Never forget the value that you bring to the table. Position your value in every email, on every web page, in every sales presentation and in every conversation with potential clients.

Let other ill-advised and unwise business people talk on and on about themselves and their product or service. We all know how successful that is (he says sarcastically!).

Spend your time talking about your potential clients and the VALUE they will receive. Show them how your product or service will solve their problems or provide them with the right solutions for their needs.

Help them picture the success or happiness they will enjoy after using your product or service. Let them hear, see, feel, touch, or taste your value.

For example, if you are an investment adviser, you might want to say, “There are a lot of investment advisers out there. But how many of them will (fill in your value)…” In those short few words, you’ve just re-positioned your competition, separated yourself from other investment advisers, and made yourself that much more valuable. See what the power of words or messages can do?

3.  Value makes more money.

If your potential client is complaining about your price, then you have failed to establish your value. And when you start to lower your price to compete, you hit the price-dropping, downward spiral.

Do you seriously want to spend time and money to compete on the lowest price? Probably not.

That’s why many smart business people choose to compete at a higher price level, where they can make more money. You simply need to show potential clients the value you bring to the table and why you are worth every penny.

Think of it. If you can show your potential clients the benefits they receive with value add-ons like convenience, expertise, speed, image, affordability, support, follow-up, reliability or selection, you’ll stand out among your competitors. And people will pay you more.

People pay more for convenience, better service, expertise or an enhanced image all the time. Ever see how many Mercedes or BMW’s are on the road? The roads are not filled with Ford Fiestas, you know. So promote your value and people will pay your price, as long as you deliver what you say.

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Looking forward to your continued success…

J. Brett Abbey
The Message Master

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