How would you like to start generating more leads now for your business? Because the more leads you acquire, the more opportunities you have to turn those leads into paying customers. And that means more money in your pocket.

Most entrepreneurs and business people however, have a hard time finding good quality leads. In fact, it’s one of the major problems in business today. According to IDG Research (a global research company), generating high quality leads is the biggest challenge faced by marketers.

As a marketing consultant and communications expert, I’ve consulted with hundreds of business organizations and people over the years. I’ve found that most business people simply go about finding leads the wrong way.


Email is the best way to find leads, if you do it right.

Email is still the best route to success if done correctly. In fact, IDG Research showed that “email marketing is one of the most effective lead generation tactics.”

Most marketers who used email however, found that they failed to get the attention of prospects due to poor strategy, tactics or offers. So, while email is a great tactic, if you don’t do it right, you’ll fail. This is because most marketers don’t know what to say in their email.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve opened an email where entrepreneurs go on and on about themselves and their own products and services. Instead of talking about me or what I want or need, they talk about themselves.

Email HelpThe problem with this strategy is NOBODY CARES! Do you really think people open your email on a busy day just to learn about how great your product or service is? The answer is NO.

People have far too many things to do and don’t want to waste time hearing about you. They want answers: Either solutions to their problems or a better way to generate success.

To Generate MORE Leads Now you need to follow a system that will break down a prospect or buyer’s resistance and get them curious enough to WANT to contact you. You need to send out at least 4 emails as follows:

Email #1  >  Your 1st email should generate curiosity.
Don’t even think about selling in your first email. Your prospect will hit DELETE faster than you can say your product or service name. All you want to do is make your prospect curious. You can talk about something new happening in your prospect’s industry/profession/life. Or you could mention the industry is abuzz with a new solution to a problem your prospect might be having. That’s it. Just get them curious. Make them want to reach out to you!

Email #2  >  Your 2nd email should generate understanding.
In this email, show your prospect that you understand the problem(s) they are dealing with or the rewards they are looking for (e.g. save time/money). I am assuming (of course) that you have done your research and you know your prospects pains and pleasures. For example, if your prospects are real estate agents you could say, “I know how long it takes to cold call house after house after house looking for listings. What if you could cut your time in half and generate listings faster? It’s happening now with (Product Name). Want to see how?” Don’t go talking about your product or service. Just simply leave a contact number and make them want to reach out to you to see “how.”

Email #3  >  Your 3rd email should picture the solution.
If some prospects still have not contacted you, use this email to draw a picture of how life is like with your solution. Use a real-life example from your present clients. If we keep the real estate agent example (from point #3), you could say, “Tracy is generating more leads than any of our experienced agents. How? Tracy is using (Product Name) and other agents are beginning to notice. She’s getting more listings in less time. Want to see how (Product Name) can help you?” Then leave your contact info. Remember, keep your email short and sweet.

Email #4  >  Your 4th email should move people.
For those prospects who still haven’t contacted you (and there will always be some!), now’s the time to move them to action. In keeping with the real estate agent example, you could say, “If you want to join the other successful real estate agents who are generating more listings in less time, now is the time. Think of how much you’ll enjoy the increased revenue and success. I’ve cleared some time on my schedule to show you how easy it is. Reply and let me know what would be a good time to connect and I’ll show you how.”  


Keep your emails short and sweet. People are busy and don’t have time to read pages and pages of words or data. Do you?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve received emails after a trade show or networking event from people who include their complete bio and company history, details about their product/service, a price list, some testimonials, and everything else including the kitchen sink.

Nobody has time to read all that crap. Nor do they want to. What they will do however, is look for the “Delete” button and hit it faster than you can say, “Buy from me!”

Remember, in generating leads through email, your objective is to get them curious about you or your product or service, so they will want to contact you. When they do that, you have an interested lead. And that’s when you start selling.


Start generating more leads for your business.

If you want to start generating more leads for your business, then you need to start thinking about what to write in at least 4 new emails, and start creating them. And they need to be powerful and persuasive messages in order to get your prospects to react.

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