You’re a smart person. So, you already know how email marketing can help bring you more clients and increase your success.

You simply build your list of prospects, start sending emails to these new potential clients and presto, the next thing you know, you’re filthy rich!

Or are you? The sad fact is that many email campaigns don’t work out that way. And after several attempts, you’re left wondering why your emails aren’t helping you land more clients or get rich quick.

Was it something you said in the email? Did you send it at the wrong time? Was it a bad strategy? The answer is actually simpler than you think.

If you really want to know why you’re not getting more clients, more sales, and more money with your emails, it’s usually because not many people are opening your emails.

And if potential clients don’t open your emails, they never get a chance to read about your great product, service or solutions.  So, they’ll never end up buying.


Two main reasons why a potential client will open your email


If you want to have a chance at getting rich you’ve got two options. One, buy a lotto ticket and hope for the best (not something I suggest!).

Or two, start getting more of your emails opened and read. Get clients to open your emailWhen people start opening your emails, they’ll start reading them.

And that can lead to more sales, more money and more success for you!  

According to various reporting agencies, “Open Rate” percentages (percentage of people who open list emails) tend to hover around the 20% mark (Google it, you’ll see!).

And that’s a GOOD percentage rate. It also means that 80% of your potential clients on your list are not even opening your emails. Can you say wasted effort?

So, how do you get more potential clients to open your emails? You need a Hook – something that will drive your potential clients to WANT to open your email and read further.

And to make that happen, you need to understand the psychology behind why a potential client will either open your email or send it to the trash. Put yourself in your their shoes for a minute. There are generally two reasons why you would open an email.

One, you have to open the email – especially if it’s from your spouse, parent or good friend. The second reason you would open an email is because you’re overly curious – and you want to open the email to help satisfy your curiosity.


Use an Email Hook to Hook New Clients


While many experts will simply tell you to write better subject lines to get more people to open your emails, they fail to tell you how to make that happen.

I won’t fail you. I’ll show you how to hook your potential clients to get more of them to open your emails. And when more people open your emails, more people will read your emails, and you’ll have more opportunities to sell. 

An email hook is simply an emotionally-driven, email subject line that taps into your prospects needs, wishes, and wants. For example, curiosity will make someone want to open your email. And nothing drives curiosity more than asking a question.

That’s because, psychologically, people need to answer the question.  You know yourself when something drives your curiosity meter to high, you’ve just got to satisfy your curiosity and find out the answer.

One of the biggest email hooks to use in your email subject lines is a simple question. One of my greatest and most successful email subject lines I ever used asked the following question, “Are you ready?”

This subject line had more people opening my email than ever before. It drove people to open the email to find out what they might or might not be ready for. It’s basically an emotional tug that compels people to open the email to ensure they don’t miss something.

Even if they don’t know what that something is. They need to find out! Of course, once potential clients open your email, you must ensure that the content in your email answers the question for your reader.

To follow the curiosity-inducing subject line, “Are you ready?” you could include content that says, “Are you ready to stop the pain from (fill in whatever their problem is!)? And then go on and let them know you have the solution to their problem.


One Email. 32 New Clients


One of my clients (we’ll call her Tracy) sent out a blast email to over 150 prospects. Nothing happened. Not one single prospect replied.

Once I got Tracy to add an emotional Email Hook and change a few words in her message, the next email she sent out generated over $30,000 (in 3 short weeks) and she picked up 32 new clients – all from a simple 4-sentence email with a great Email Hook subject line.

To be successful in email marketing, you’ve got to employ emotional Email Hooks in your email subject lines to ensure more people will open your email. The more prospects who open your email, the more prospects will read your email. And the more chances you have of success, and dare I say, becoming rich!

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J. Brett Abbey
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