How to Get MORE People to
Respond to Your Emails

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See how Patricia, a Life Coach tripled her clients through email…

If you’re like most entrepreneurs trying to build your business, you use email to try to generate more leads. You spend time trying to create the perfect email that will grab your prospect’s attention and get them to contact you.

After countless hours and much hard work, you send out your email. Then, you wait for the responses to flood in. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen. In fact, some entrepreneurs who write their own “prospecting” emails often receive less then a 2% response rate.

Most receive 0% response – as in nobody responded. That is what happened to Patricia, a life coach who by all accounts was an excellent coach. Patricia had a small business with five clients who raved about her insights, experience, and authenticity.

Each day, Patricia would spend an hour (or so) with one of her clients. Each day she talked to a different client for an hour. After working with each client, Patricia would spend the rest of the day working on marketing to build her business.

Patricia wanted to generate more leads for her coaching business. After all, she was only talking with one client per day and could easily talk to 3-4 clients per day. Essentially, she could triple or quadruple her earnings.

Using an email list of approximately 100 prospects who had downloaded one of her articles on the internet, Patricia spent many days crafting “beautiful” emails and continued to send them out to her list. Unfortunately, whenever she sent out an email, she often received no response. According to Patricia…

” No matter what I said in my emails, no one was responding.
Nothing! Not one response. It was very depressing – especially for a
life coach who preaches the value of positive thinking. “


Don’t make these mistakes in your emails…

One look at the emails Patricia was sending out and it was obvious why no one was responding. Patricia’s emails failed to realize a few things about prospecting emails…

>  It’s not about me, it’s about my prospect
Patricia’s email talked about herself. How great a coach she was, where she was trained, all the services she provided, how she provided them etc. She failed to write her email based on her prospects needs, wishes or wants. And that’s a no-no every time. 

>  Don’t confuse your prospects
Every email you write should only have one main idea or thought. Patricia listed all her services, her pricing structure, her ideas on coaching and everything else. She had so much information, that she essentially confused everyone. 

>  Keep it short and sweet
Today, people are flooded with emails in their inbox and don’t have time to read a mini-book. Patricia had far too much information in her emails. If a prospect opened one of Patricia’s emails, they would hit “DELETE”, once they saw the length of the email.

When good messages, go badBasically, Patricia was doing what most entrepreneurs do, spending more time “telling” rather than “selling.” In the beginning, people don’t know you and they don’t care about what YOU want. Nor, do they want to spend their time reading about you or your business. They will simply hit the “Delete” button. And that’s exactly what Patricia’s email prospects did. Delete…


Distraught over her lack of response to several emails, Patricia started “googling” the net for answers. That’s when she discovered the Message Masters™ Generate MORE Leads Now email templates – a set of 4 professionally-written, attention-getting emails designed to grab a prospect’s attention, inspire them to read further and move them to contact you.

Since these powerful and persuasive email templates can work for any business, all Patricia had to do was simply fill in a few words in the email templates, then copy, paste and send. It’s that easy!

What happened next was amazing. After sending the first email in the Generate MORE Leads Now set of emails, she received 29 responses. The second email added another 12 responses, while the third email added 5 responses and the fourth email added 1 additional response.

In all, Patricia received a total of 47 responses from a list of approximately 100 prospects – representing an almost 50% response rate. In the weeks that followed, Patricia followed up with each lead and soon added 11 new clients. 

Thanks to the Message Masters™ Generate MORE Leads Now email templates, Patricia went from 5 to 16 clients and more than doubled her business and her income. And it only cost her $29 for all four email templates. See for yourself… Generate MORE Leads Now.


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