Rolling in the Money

See how Carl, a residential painter changed his website
message and got more than he bargained for.

Entrepreneur Grabs $72,000 in Additional Sales


How much are the words or messages on your website worth? For Carl, a budding entrepreneur and painting contractor, he discovered that by changing some words,
he could change his success.

Carl painted homes and offices for a living and had this great little website for his company. At first glance it was a beautiful site; much like your website. It had a nice photo of Carl on the front page and lots of talk about what he does.

Carl also employed social media to attract prospects to his website. In fact, when you look at his web site statistics, it showed that approximately 100 local people visited his website each month – curious about his painting company and services.

I’m sure you would agree that’s pretty good! We all wish we could have 100 interested people visit our website each month. So, I asked Carl, “Of those 100 people who visit your website, how many clients do you get each month?”

““Usually about one” replied Carl. “And that’s the good part. I don’t have to do anything. They look at my website, call me up
and I get another painting job for doing nothing really!” continued Carl, flush with a big smile on his face.

Being the smart marketer, I then asked Carl, “Well, if you only get 1 new client out of approximately 100 people coming to your website each month, what happens to the other 99 people? People who came to your website, interested in your service.

The look on Carl’s face at that moment said it all. He didn’t know. You see, Carl thought he had a good thing going, when he was getting one new client a month. But, that wasn’t enough to sustain or build his business.


Carl turned to the Message Masters™ Your Message Makeoverconsulting service for help.

Designed for entrepreneurs who want to “shake up their business”, Your Message Makeover™ is an 8 hour (2 hrs. per week in a one-month period) deep dive into your business messaging, to help you create the right message to the right person, the right way. And help you generate more leads, more sales, and more success.

During the Message Masters™ Strategic Marketing Communications Audit, Carl learned several things:

♦  Having a photo of you on the home page of your website does nothing for a potential customer. They don’t care what you look like. They only want to know what you can do for them.

♦  Your message is not engaging your prospects. It’s obvious from the roughly 99 people who visit your site each month interested in finding a painting contractor, then ultimately leave your site and look for another painting contractor.

♦  An average painting job for Carl was approximately $600. Based on 99 prospects who immediately left Carl’s site because his message did not engage them, Carl was missing out on over $59,000 each month – that’s represents over $700,000 thousand dollars a year in business that Carl let slip through his fingers.


Carl changed his message and changed his success…


Over the next month, we conducted a comprehensive review, strategic audit and prepared a report and action plan for Carl going forward. One that would change his message and change his success.

We revised Carl’s message to grab a prospects’ interest by showing how the prospects’ will benefit with Carl’s service. In essence, we tied Carl’s new message to his prospects’ feelings and emotions, so they would stay on his website longer instead of leaving.

Soon, instead of 99 people leaving each month, approximately 50 prospects stayed. And out of those 50 prospects, roughly 25 of them called Carl and asked for a quote. And then, out of those 25 prospects, Carl added 10 as customers.

Since Carl’s average painting job was $600, those 10 new customers each month, represents an additional average monthly revenue of $6,000 – increasing his sales by over $72,000 simply by changing some words on his website.

Don’t you think it’s time you

changed your success?

Shake up your business and start to generate more leads, more sales
and more success, as you discover how to get people to buy into what you are selling.
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About The Message Master

J. Brett Abbey is an award-winning speaker, author and marketing expert that helps you shake up
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large and small companies, enjoy multiple 6 and 7 figures in new business revenue simply by
showing them what to say in any business situation.
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