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See how Donna, a real estate agent, triples her leads
with the right message to prospects.

Real Estate Agent Triples Leads


Like most real estate agents, Donna found that generating several leads each month was proving difficult.

She used the old “tried and true” methods (cold calling, home evaluations, knocking on doors, etc.), but little did Donna know, that was her problem.

Donna was doing the same thing that most agents do. Doing the same as every other agent, is the quickest way to obscurity.

Donna would place a nice photo of herself on a postcard with a message like “Call Me for your FREE home evaluation” and send it out to various neighbourhoods she wanted to work in.

Then she would wait for the phone to ring. The sad fact is few calls ever came, sometimes none. What was wrong? Did people not like her photo? Perhaps her message wasn’t enticing enough?

Donna was stumped. She had spent a lot of money for the postcards. One look at her postcard promotion and it’s easy to see that Donna was setting herself up for poor results.


Donna turned to the Message Masters™ Your Message CheckUp™ for help.

The Your Message CheckUpconsult service is 2-hour review of your message(s) to show you what’s good, what needs to change, and how to create the right message for greater success. It’s the first stage in helping you change your message and change your success.

Donna thought that booking a 2-hour consult was a small price to pay to find out why her expensive marketing postcard wasn’t working and what she could do to make it better. Here’s what she learned…

♦   A picture is not a message
Donna had a great picture of her on the postcard. She spent some extra cash and had a professional portrait done. Unfortunately, Donna’s picture on the postcard does little to help. That’s because, no one cares about your picture (unless it’s your mom!). Do you really think that people are going to call you because you look great?

♦   Don’t be a “Me-Too
Basically, Donna’s postcard looks the same as every other real estate postcard
or advertising piece (billboard, bench ad etc.,) that we see out there in the marketplace. What we don’t understand is why do real estate agents spend their time and hard-earned money to make themselves look the same as every other agent out there? Your efforts should concentrate on making yourself stand out, be different and get noticed. That’s what’s going to make you memorable!

♦   It’s not about you
The first rule of messaging is your message is only and always about your message recipient(s). It’s not about you. So, forget, trying to show who you are, what you do and the fact that you are offering a free home evaluation. Everyone does that! Concentrate on aligning your message with your message recipient’s needs, wishes or wants. Talk about what’s important to the home owner. When your message entices the home owner, that’s when they’ll contact you.


Donna changes her message and changes her success.

In Donna’s Your Message CheckUpreview she learned how to create a better message to get more people to respond to her future postcard promotions. For example, if you are targeting couples who want to downsize…

♦   Be Different, Stand Out, Get Noticed
Instead of doing the same thing as every other real estate agent and say, “Free Home Evaluation”, do something different. Stand out, be different, and get noticed. Talk about what might be important to a home owner. Perhaps you could create a “teaser” postcard that entices the home owner to what to know more? Say something like… “Do you know how much money you’re sitting in right now? ”

♦   Keep your message moving
Don’t rely on a postcard to do everything. Once you’ve got your prospects’ attention, keep it. Make your prospects’ curious and want to know more. Place a link to a website page where your prospects’ can get the rest of your message. Here you can talk to them about how much money their home is worth (generalized by neighbourhood) and get them thinking about how they can enjoy the extra cash.

♦   Make the dream a reality
When people visit your website, show them all the various ways they can enjoy their life by downsizing. Put photos of couples who have already downsized and are travelling the world. Show famous and exotic places. Attract as many people as possible, by asking them, “What would you like to do after you downsize? Then, let them know that you can help them turn their dream into a reality. Remember, it’s not about being a real estate agent and selling a house, it’s how you make their dreams come true!

Donna took us up on our idea and changed her postcards. She sent out her newly revised “teaser” version, and then purchased the Message Masters™ Generate More Leads Now email templates for only $29. 

Almost instantly, after applying these programs, Donna more than tripled her leads and quickly landed 3 new listings – generating thousands of dollars in new revenue.

And she did it all by investing a small amount in the Message MastersYour Message CheckUpconsult service and then purchased the Generate More Leads Now email templates.

A small price to pay for great success…


“I didn’t think your Message Templates could help me find new leads. But, when I started to use them,
it was amazing. I’m now getting more leads than ever before. Thanks!…”

Donna M., Real Estate Agent

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