Many websites nowadays are little more than a fancy, colourful brochure for a business. 

I see it all the time. Entrepreneurs and small business professionals make their websites look pretty, while losing sight of the most important thing, the message.

Whether trying to save costs or another reason, website owners often consider themselves a writer and will write their own website. A bad mistake.

These self-proclaimed writers then spend more time talking about their business, than they do about their customers.  They talk about how the business started. They talk about how many employees they have or how great their products or services are.

And generally, spend more time patting themselves on the back for being wonderful, than trying to turn visitors into customers.

Be different. Stand out.

Ever wonder why you see the same tabs on websites? You know the ones. “About Us, Products, Services and Contact Us” to name a few.

It’s because when writing a website, people look at their competitors’ sites and think, “Hey, if they have that, then I should have that.”

So, they do the same as their competitors and essentially become a “Me2” site, looking and sounding the same. Each with the same outrageous claims that we have the best people, products, or services.

Of course, once your company sounds the same as your competitors, you essentially lose any value proposition. You fail to stand out.

If potential customers don’t see any value in working with you, then they will usually shop at the place with the cheapest price.  And do you really want to compete for the cheapest price?

Put your customer first

When crafting your website messages, you need to think about your potential customers.

If your customer is the most important thing in your business, (because without them you wouldn’t have a business), then you should spend more time talking about them.

You need to put your customer first. Make your website all about your customer, not about you.

Create your website copy with sections and pages that have messages that interest your website visitors. Because, once you get them interested, you will turn more visitors into customers.

So, instead of having a “Products or Services” section (like everyone else!), describe your products or services in relation to what they mean to your customer.

For example, if you own a spa, have a section called, “Treat Yourself.” After all, isn’t that why someone would be visiting your spa site?

If you are a financial planner, don’t simply have a tab marked “Products” or “Services.” Everyone has that. Try “Retire Early” or “Enjoy Life” if that is the benefits you bring to your customers.

Chances are, that’s why they are at your website in the first place, to see how you can help them realize their dreams. So show them your solutions deliver their dreams.

Have a look at your website and see how you can create messages that will entice your visitors to want to know more.

When they are interested in how they can treat themselves or retire early (or whatever benefits your business provides!), they will contact you for more information.

And that is the ideal time to turn your website visitors into customers.

Turn more website visitors into customers!

If you would like to see how to change your website messages to get more visitors interested in what you offer, I”m here to help you.

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Looking forward to your continued success…

J. Brett Abbey
The Message Master

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