Your Message Makeover

Shake up your business and start to generate

more leads, more sales, and more success, as you discover

how to get people to buy into what you are selling.


More Leads. More Sales.

Are you tired of missing out on new business? Or never getting enough leads or new sales? It’s not you, it’s your sales message.
Every time you send out an email, write on your website, or try to sell prospects on the phone, if you’re not giving your prospects’ the right message, your destined to continually fail.
Generating more leads and sales, requres that you have the right message.
Book a Your Message Action™ 8 hr. (2 hrs. per week in one-month period) consult to change your message and start to change your success.
We’ll help you create the right message to the right person, the right way, to help you generate more leads, more sales, and more success.
Let’s get started…

You’re ideal for Your Message Action™ if you:

–   Are tired of sending out messages and not getting many responses

–   Want to improve your marketing/sales messages so you can generate more leads, more sales.

–   Are ready to invest in getting more prospects to want to buy from you.

–   Want to know the right message to get more people interested in what you offer

–   Are serious about shaking up your business and enjoying more success

What’s Included in
Your Message


Comprehensive Marketing Communications Review (2 hours)

In your Comprehensive Marketing Communications Review, we’ll spend 2-hours (Phone/Skype) reviewing your business goals, objectives, process and operations to help determine where you are in business (present situation), and where you want to be (future goals). Then we’ll show you how to get there.


Strategic Marketing Communications Audit (2 hours)

If you’re not presently generating more leads and more sales, then something is wrong. You need to find out what the problem is in your communications and solve the problem. Message Masters will undertake a systematic Audit of your Communications (marketing and sales messages) to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and what you need to do to create communications that get results.


Strategic Recommendations Report (2 hours)

We will analyze the findings of the two previous phases and you will receive an expert report with a strategic outline of recommendations for your communications and marketing and sales messages. You will know what’s good, what needs to change, and what you need to do to create the right messages to get prospects interested in what you offer. We will spend 1-hour (Phone or Skype) reviewing the report with you to help you understand what you need to do to create marketing and sales messages that will be more effective and help you generate more leads and more sales.


Your Message Action Plan (2 hours)

Once the Strategic Recommendations Report has been presented, it’s time for action. We want you to 10x your results and start to generate the success you deserve. The Message Masters expert will spend 1 hour developing your Main Strategy Message, and then spend 1-hour in consultation with you (Phone/Skype) to help you develop your key message. It’s like having your own marketing/messaging expert on hand to help you. Plus, we’ll show you how to adapt your Main Strategy Message to other communication vehicles including your website, emails, content strategy and social media posts. It’s like having your own marketing/messaging expert on hand to help you.

Let’s Work Together

Only $1,499*
8 hr. Consult (2 hrs. per week in one-month period)
*Plus, applicable tax

About The Message Master

J. Brett Abbey is an award-winning speaker, author and marketing expert that helps you shake up
your business and generate serious leads and generous sales. A consummate professional, Brett has helped
large and small companies, enjoy multiple 6 and 7 figures in new business revenue simply by
showing them what to say in any business situation.
Read Brett’s full bio here… J. Brett Abbey